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    The reason why you’re here is because you want to take your chances and try to double your bank or bet! Dicing is all about luck and if you lose, that’s on you. Dicing is at your own risk. First, find a dicer that has a good reputation and if you aren’t certain, check (TRUSTED/UNTRUSTED List). If you haven’t seen this dicer around, you could also ask them to show their ::net/sd to see if they can pay out your bet.

    If you are doing a big bank bet, I suggest recording. Our very own staff member has a great guide on using a free screen recorder. Typically if you do get scammed, you won’t get refunded but the dicer will lose his rank if you have sufficient proof he scammed you. Good proof should include the rolls.
    Btw the only place to dice is at ::dice. Anywhere else, someone is trying to scam you.

    The goal of blackjack is trying to get as close to 100 without busting. Busting is going over 100, you can never bust with your first roll.
    The way to play BJ is your host will roll, typically if its 65+ you want to Stay. When you stay, this ends your turn and the Host will roll to try to beat your # or bust doing it.
    But when you get a low number, like 24, you want to hit. Each time you hit, you add your numbers together. Remember if you bust during your turn, you lose.

    Examples of BJ:

    [Better] 1st roll: 30 - HIT - 2nd roll: 20 - HIT - 3rd roll: 35 = (30+20+35=85). Stay 85.
    [Host] 1st roll: 10 - HIT - 2nd roll: 25 - HIT - 3rd roll: 65. (10+25+67=102). BUST, Better WINS.
    [Better] 1st roll: 97 - Stay. Stay 97.
    [Host] 1st roll: 64 - HIT + 2nd roll: 36. (64+36=100) Host wins.

    Easy game, one roll.60+, win.


    Dice Duel
    This game is usually only between two dicers. Some people can DD against each other or against a dicer but must have a Dicer roll for them. If a person who doesn’t have a Dice rank want to dd, they must pay their bet to the Dicer that is rolling for them to avoid scam.
    Rules: First to 3, WINS. You want to beat the other Dicer’s number 3 times.

    If you’re going to change the rules, please make sure other Dicer accepts or confirms it first.

    Example of DD:

    [Dicer1]: Rolls 60 | [Dicer2]: Rolls 89 - Dicer 2 wins 1st round
    [Dicer1]: Rolls 5 | [Dicer2]: Rolls 36 - Dicer 2 wins 2nd round
    [Dicer1]: Rolls 93 | [Dicer2]: Rolls 56 - Dicer 1 wins 3rd round
    Since Dicer2 didn’t win 3x in a row, DD continues until someone wins 3x.

    First roll determines who goes first. Whoever is gets the higher number, BJs first.
    If you bust, you automatically lose.
    If you are doing 10sd+x2, it means you have to win 2 games in a row.
    Example of BjDD: WIN 1x
    [Dicer1] Rolls 56 | [Dicer2] rolls 45 = [Dicer 1 Starts]
    [Dicer1] rolls 46 - hit - rolls 67 - Bust = [Dicer2 wins]

    Example of BjDD +x2: WIN 2x
    [Dicer1] rolls 34 | [Dicer2] rolls 38 = [Dicer2 Starts]
    [Dicer2] rolls 89 - Stay | [Dicer1] rolls 27 - hit - rolls 65 - Bust = [Dicer2 wins]
    [Dicer1] rolls 67 | [Dicer2] rolls 2 = [Dicer2 Starts]
    [Dicer2] rolls 45 - hit - rolls 89 - Bust = [Dicer1 wins] SO the BJDD restarts because it's EVEN.
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