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    This is a list of all the commands in the game except for mod commands, admin commands, etc.

    Teleport Commands:

    ::Home - teleports you to the Grand Exchange.

    ::Dice - teleports you to the dicing spot. (Edgeville)

    ::Edge - teleports you to the Wilderness Ditch north of Edgeville.

    ::Dh - teleports you to a dharok-only zone.

    ::Pvp - teleports you to the small Falador bank. (Outside the bank is Dangerous Zone)

    ::Multi - teleports you to the Varrock multi player-killing zone.

    ::Duel - teleports you to the Duel Arena.

    ::Magebank/Mb - teleports you to the Magebank.

    ::Draynor - teleports you to Draynor Village. (used for f2p pking at cap level 105)

    ::Clanwars/Cw - teleports you to Clan Wars.

    ::War - If there are 2 clans starting a war, you can join one of the clan chats then type ::war from anywhere and you are to instantly join in the war.

    ::PkBox - teleports you to a multi pking box. (Choose between Dangerous or Safe)

    ::Easts/Wests - teleports you to pking places in the Wilderness. (Ranging is disabled at wests)

    ::Gdz - teleports you to the Demonic Ruins. (Dangerous Pk)

    ::Volc - teleports you to the Wilderness Volcano. (Dangerous Pk)

    ::Pits - teleports you to the Fight Pits minigame.

    ::Pvp2 - teleports you to Mobilising Armies/Old Pkm home. (you can only teleport there if you are on the pvp2 list or if you are server support+ and its mainly used for tournaments and a chillzone for staff)

    General Commands:

    ::Item (Id) (Amount) - spawns you any item except for unspawnable items.

    ::Forum/Forums - automatically opens up the community forums portal for you.

    ::Topic [thread number] - opens up a thread for you by the thread number given.

    ::Search - allows you to search for an item without having to find the code for it. (Some items don't show up)

    ::Auth (Id) - claims your reward after voting. (Auth Id is given after you vote)

    ::Changepass oldpass newpass newpass - changes you password for your account.

    ::Players - shows you a list of the current online players and what rank they are. (Owner, Administrator, Moderators, Server Supports, Dice Ranks, Royal Donators, Extreme Donators, Regular Donators)

    ::Master - makes all your combat stats 99.

    ::Bank - allows you to access your bank from anywhere outside of wildy, safe pk, and dang pk.

    ::Respawn - change your respawn location after dieing. (Choose between Edgeville or Grande Exchange)

    ::Set - spawns your custom set.

    ::Kdr - shows off your Pking or Duel kdr.

    ::Ks - shows your current killstreak.

    ::Max - shows your max hit.

    ::Vp - shows how many vote points you currently have and how many times you've voted.

    ::Vps - shows how many vote points you have in total. (All items combined)

    ::Dk - shows how many dangerous kills you have.

    ::Pkp - shows how many pk points you have.

    ::Net - shows how many pk points you have in total.

    ::Resetkdr - resets your pking kdr.

    ::Reset - resets all your stats.

    ::Setlevel [1-6, 23] - lets you choose what you want your combat levels to be.

    ::Empty - empty's your inventory.

    ::Afk - lets you chill while sitting on a royal chair or lets people know you're afk.

    ::Food - fills your remaining inventory with rocktails.

    ::Pots - spawns you basic pots used for pking.

    ::Outfit [1-28] - changes your character's basic outfit.

    ::Curses - changes your prayer book.

    ::Lunars/Ancients/Moderns - changes your spellbook to the Lunar, Ancient, and Modern spellbook.

    ::Veng/Venge/Vrunes - spawns you vengeance runes and changes your spellbook to the Lunar spellbook.

    ::Barrage/Brunes - spawns you barrage runes and changes your spellbook to the Ancient spellbook.

    ::Teleblock/Tb - spawns you teleblock runes and changes your spellbook to the Modern spellbook.

    ::Entangle - spawns you entangle runes and changes your spellbook to the Modern spellbook

    ::Miasmic - spawns you miasmic runes and changes your spellbook to the Ancient spellbook. (Spell is usable for Royal Donators only)

    Donator Commands:

    ::Yell - shouts a message for all players in the chatbox.

    ::Dzone/Dz - allows you to teleport to the fun pk donator zone or the normal donator zone.

    ::Tag - allows you to create/change your custom tag for yell. (Royal Donators only)

    ::Item 15332 - allows you to spawn overload (4)'s. (Royal Donators ​only)

    Other Commands:

    ::Dds - automatically chooses dds/whip rules for a duel stake. (type this when you are challenging someone)

    ::Donate - takes you to the donating page or if you've donated for the server, type this to claim your rank/title.

    ::Titles - opens up your custom titles interface. (Once you've bought the title ticket, type this and you can create your own custom title)

    Sorry if I forgot any commands.
    Special thanks to Daze for helping me with some of these commands.
    Mods may edit in any commands I forgot to add.
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