Hello, here is my guide to insure that you have the lowest chance of being scammed.

First of all, Mostly any dicer will have this title next to their name Ingame

First off, you want to find a Screen Recorder. I use this one, It's easy to use, No download and it uses no CPU. The link for this is here:


To use this recorder, follow these steps.

Go to http://www.screencast-o-matic.com and click on "Start Recording"

It will now prompt you to run the extension. Click "Accept"

You will now have a interface pop-up showing you the area you can record in. You should record the whole client, to guarantee the most out of your video.

Here is a sample video of what you SHOULD report with the correct format:

Who offended the rules?:Zack2433

What rule did he/she break?(Rule# Include the punishment):

8) - Scamming:

Item swapping, intentionally misleading or in any other way causing deception while trading will be not be allowed in PKM. Trades should be fair and painfree. This includes lying or taking an unfair advantage as well. TRUST TRADES ARE AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. If you "lend" something to someone, understand this is at your OWN risk. No refunds will be given

No Warning-->168 hour ban-->Perm Ban

What exactly happened?: We were BJ-DD'ing and I won, he declined the trade and logged out.

Do you have any proof?: