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Thread: "Street Price Guide" ROUGH OUTLINE, READ BELOW.

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  1. #1 "Street Price Guide" ROUGH OUTLINE, READ BELOW. 
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    These prices VARY. There is no set "STREET PRICE" This is mainly what I see from being a seller/buyer. TAKE THIS "GUIDE" WITH A GRAIN OF SALT.

    *This "guide" will only include key items in the eco. No rares.

    Armadyl Godsword - 250-400m.
    Dragon Claws - 300m-400m
    Chaotic Rapier - 350m-500m
    Chaotic Longsword - 350m-500m
    Chaotic Maul - 350m-500m
    Chaotic Staff - 200m-350m
    Chaotic Crossbow - 225m-300m
    Korasi's Sword - 280m-350m
    Elysian Spirit Shield - 200m-250m
    Arcane Spirit Shield - 150m-200m
    Dungeoneering Master Cape - 150-200m.

    Blue Cape - 50m
    Red Cape - 50m
    Flameburst Defender - 500-700m
    Voting Hat (Red) - 150m
    Voting Hat (Blue) - 100m
    Primal Boots - 2b.
    Blood Necklace - 1b-1.5b

    Always use a trusted middle man or a staff member while buying an account or rank!

    Link to Trusted mm thread:
    Click Here
    Link to Staff List thread:
    Click here

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