hello madafakas first just do eco reset not for rares, i mean for pk stuff... and do more expensives... ags 500 pk points. rapier 1k or something like that... peoples get bored when they get to easy everything what they want... this is reason why they leave this serv and going to other spawn servers i guess... no more reasons... cuz this server combat is greattt..... very nice... perfect for nhing/brid. dharok'ing assweelllll. peoples dont like play in server when they are new in server, they comming and old players rushing with vls spec's 600s-700s claws , ags etc... they just sayng shit server and log out... or just do free trial for new commers, they can choose ags or claws or korasis one of them for 30mins only or for one hour. also donator free trial for 1 hour aswell good idea. but they can start change ip or creat new acc's for free donators... idk about donators but about pk weps for 1 hour is gooooood... and about vote rates, if you guys add cool stuff to vp shops. (then you can dont worry about vote rates xDDDDD ) just want back my shit acc and ( VOTER ) title -.- ( and maybe is not new idea. but is very nice shit... do if you want wear corrupts/normal vesta,zuriels,statius also p boots they must vote for server one time in 12hours... they vote then can wear... cuz some peoples got everything and they to lazy vote for server... for 5 vp... they say pffff..