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    *All Donations help better the server and Release more Updates!


    Regular Donator - Price: $10 CURRENT

    - Access to ::yell command

    - Access to the D
    onatorZone, in which you may purchase PvP Armours that are cheaper than ones in the PvP Shop.

    - Ability to spawn Extreme Potions, having the codes 15308-15324 respectively (in order of Extreme Attack, Strength, Defense, Magic and Range.) Or get from the Donator Shop.

    - "Red" yelling color.

    - "Donator Title" Rank In-Game.

    Extreme Donator - Price: $25 ($15 from Regular)

    - Ability to use Overloads, Special Restore Potions and Super Prayer potions from the Donator Shop.

    - All of the benefits from Regular Donator.

    - "Teal" yelling color.

    - "Extreme Donator" Rank In-Game.

    Royal Donator - Price: $35 ($10 From Extreme, $25 From Regular) CURRENT PRICE FOR IN-GAME ITEMS: 1-2B from Extreme, 2-3B from Regular, 3-4B from No Donator Rank

    - All of the benefits of an
    Extreme and Regular Donator.

    - "Green" yelling color.

    - "Royal Donator" Rank In-Game.

    - Free Overload (4)s from Donator Zone.

    - ::tag Command for yell.

    - Ability to spawn Overloads. (15332)

    - Ability to use the Miasmic spell

    - Ability to use the royal only altar at Donator Zone

    Dicer Rank - Price: $80 (Separate rank from all of them)

    - Access to hosting dice bets.

    - Ability to obtain "dice-bags" from

    - The Donator Token Shop at Home includes a Title Ticket and Title Color Wheel which allows you to pick your own Custom Title and change its color.

    *Anyone with questions can always ask a staff member*

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