Update Log April 2019
Post Date: April 18 2019
Here are some recent updates i've made and the ones im currently working on, suggestions are always considered feel free to suggest anything via Discord or in the Suggestions forum section!

Home is edgeville temporarily*

Server Updates:
- GMAUL fixed
- You can view npc drops by typing ::npcdrop IDHERE
- Bug fixes with npc info loaded from cache
- Added Boss kills to the Options tab (target tab)
- Fixed melee attack distance versus large npcs
- New Teleport interface for the Dark Portal at home
- Fixed pot > food delay
- Pure sets in quick gear now switches to regular prayer book
- Options tab font edit, looks cleaner now
- Remade the walking system, this fixes every single map where you would walk into walls or objects while running or in combat
- Added donator symbols next to donator usernames
- Custom Preset interface updates
- Donate system and design re-worked
- Bounty Hunter Skull now depend on how many dangerous kills you have
Brown Skull: 100+ dangerous kills
White Skull: 200+ dangerous kills
Green Skull: 350+ dangerous kills
Blue Skull: 500+ dangerous kills
Red Skull: 750+ dangerous kills

Future Server Updates:
- More Bosses and regular npcs (in wilderness only)
- Donator benefits rework
- Fully automated tournament system
- + way more

Client Updates:
- Added an option to edit F Keys
- New theme
- Discord integration, shows "Playing Pkmadness 614" under your name on discord when you run the client

Future Client Updates:
- Shift dropping
- Automatic client updates
- Suggest anything else in the Suggestions sub-forum

Client Download: "http://pkmadness.org/download.php"


Update Log March 27
Post Date: March 27 2019
- Npc killcount displayed on top left of screen while fighting a npc
- Custom sets with inventory support and new interface
- ::join displays your join date outloud
- Magic & range hit formula reworked for pvp and pvm
- Added Open bank button in info tab
- Restore HP button in info tab now restores hp/prayer/poison
- Korasi special attack fixed & ags
- More bug fixes with npc combat system
- Wrath prayer fixed with special attacks
- Raised duel countdown timer to 5 seconds
- New revenants multi spot at graveyard west of clan wars, drop rates, hp and hits have been modified
- Obelisk teleports are now working, you can find one south-west of clanwars near graveyard
- Probably more that i forget

Upcoming updates:
- Tourny system
- Achievements system on custom interface
- Black portal at home for boss teleports
- Inferno cape

Update Log March 2019
Post Date: March 14 2019
[SIZE=2]These are all the updates i can think of that have been done in the past months. Feel free to suggest anything in the "Suggestions" forum section. The server will also get advertised on a few RSPS-related forums this week. More updates and improvements are in the works, see Future updates below (there's more that aren't on that list)

- Remade ::commands list
- Voting system re-made, you must vote on all links for rewards, command ::vote
- You can now teleport above wilderness level 20 after being out of combat for at least 20 seconds
- Divine & Elysian spirit shield effects now work against npcs
- Fixed 'staff bash' with magic combat
- Item drops & rates show up when you examine npcs
- Nerfed Staff of light strength bonus, it was higher than whip
- Re-worked the book and target tab
- ::commands re-done, Npc teleports added
- Purple Portal timers & goals now working
- Quick Chat added
- Pathfinding fixed for PvP (can't range or mage through walls or melee through walls/fences)

[/SIZE]Pictures: [SP][SIZE=2]

Future Updates:
- Npc killcount displaying
- Achievements System
- Automated tournament system
- Custom presets interface with inventory support

Presets interface coming soon:[SP]

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